Howler Studios is a production studio based out of Indianapolis, IN. Founded by a team of passionate and motivated individuals from a variety of backgrounds, we are dedicated to creating interesting and immersive worlds and experiences through games and other projects. We operate under the shared belief that with the right combination of skill, creativity, and dedication that we can forge and embolden new ideas to change the world.  



Ben Rosado

Co-Founder | Art Director | 3D Artist

Ben has always had a passion for playing and creating games which ultimately lead him to work in the entertainment industry for esteemed studios such as MPC, Ironklad, and Cognition. He has been a part of projects such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and has worked with clients including Hulu, DC, and Amazon. He now brings his experience with the production pipeline and his dedication to the forefront of Howler Studios. 


jordan nelsen

Co-Founder | Concept Artist & Illustrator | 3D Artist

Ever since Jordan was a child, she has been motivated to draw and create. Her work has enabled her to venture into both entertainment and medical fields where she has worked for The Neurosurgical Atlas and production studios Tethys Interactive and Ascent XR. At Howler, she brings an uncommon blend of creative experience with the scientific and fantastical to ensure our projects are unique and cohesive.


frank Moussette

Co-Founder | 3D Artist | Game Designer

Frank has always been fascinated with world building and game design. This passion lead him to creating his own immersive video game, titled "Sanctuary", and all of the associated art from scratch during his undergraduate career. His experience as a 3D artist and level designer helps ensure that our games are engaging both visually and technically.



tiffani Stuart

Co-Founder | Concept Artist & Illustrator | World Builder

Tiffani, AKA "Mother of Dragons", graduated from IUPUI's School of Informatics and Computing with an MS in Media Arts & Science where she explored the depths of world building. She is an experienced concept artist, illustrator, creature designer, and has worked with indie game studio Neverending Games. Tiffani's experience paired with her dedication and ability to effectively tell a story through her work makes her an invaluable member of our team at Howler.


Nathan Nodley

Co-Founder | Environment Artist | Game Designer

Nathan is a multi-talented artist capable of producing high quality immersive environments that tell a story. He has worked for indie game companies such as Tethys Interactive, and has ventured into creating his own games in his free time as well. His motivation to create exceptional work with a unique voice makes him a creative force to be reckoned with.